Animations from the Old Testament, By Kids for Kids

June 5, 2008

Recently we randomly selected young people from our Sunday school classes to sit before a movie camera and tell us their versions of Old Testament Stories. We then identified six stories from the interviews to be animated via stop-motion paper cut outs. The films below are the result.

Increasingly, many children receive most of their information from screens. Our hope was that this exercise  would be an instructive and immersive way to act out these stories with their own brand of storytelling.

The world premeire of these films happened in a real movie theater, complete with a modest red carpet walk for the newly minted animators. We then munched popcorn and viewed our movies on the big screen.

Now they are up on our blog for the whole world to see.  Though the kids were not doctrinally precise in their retelling, we let it stand and are thrilled with the results.

Over one half of the world’s population hold these stories to be sacred.

We invite you to share these movies with an internet audience of all faiths. Enjoy!

All animations produced by young members of the Mormon Church in Ct.